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Special Treasures,
One Of A Kind Original Chinese Brush & Sumi-e Paintings

Our talented artists paint using Chinese & Japanese water colors and Sumi-e ink on rice paper. Combining the distinctive flavors of new and old styles to create a pleasing journey into the pleasures of Asian art.

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Elephant head falls By Dr. Iris Lowe-Reiss
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Sunflowers by Bernie Dalton
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Tea For Two By Debra Hirschy
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About Chinese  Brush & Japanese Sumi-e Painting:

Use of rice paper and spontaneous brush strokes allows the artist freedom of expression since once the brush touches the paper no erasure is possible.


Chinese & Japanese water colors and ink are used, created from semi-precious stones and plants. Painted on delicate handmade rice paper or silk paper.  After the painting is complete it is then mounted on a thicker paper using archival glue which brings back all the colors and vibrancy.


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